WEST DECORATE® (威特瑞® )architectural finish is a versatile, high performance, sustainable and eco-friendly decoration product. We are fidelity to original design and continues innovating advanced technology with consistent quality to clients.

Our newest Water Based Printing technology (WBP) enables us to produce color consistency patterns and finishes based on polymer materials. The multi-layered structure imparts vivid patterns, fireproof, and scratch resistant properties. West Decorate architectural finish integrated reliable adhesion technology enabling applicators fast installation on various substrates. This disruptive technology allows us to deliver better quality products in a faster and cost-saving way, resulting in shorter go-to-market cycles for our clients.

We aim to minimize our footprint on the environment. We have built an ecosystem that provides an integrated solution for our clients worldwide, from design and production to logistics and after-sales services.

Product Information

Size of Product / Roll: 50m X 1.23m

Thickness :0.2~0.22mm


  • Warranty

5years product warranty for interior application*


*To get the 5 years product warranty for interior application, the product must be applied for suitable substrates, correct surface treatment and applied for recommend parts. Please check the “Substrate” “Installation & application environment” and “Substrate surface treatment process” and get approval by Westlake or authorized distributor before installation. Warranty for exterior product “¤ “contact Westlake first.


  • Installation & Application Environment

Clean, dry, dust free

Adequate lighting

Temperature range  54 ° -100 ° F(12 ° -38 ° C)

No wind or direct sun

Adequate ventilation

Wall, door, partition, ceiling,cabinet (floor is not recommend)


  • Storage

  • Store horizontally in carton with end-caps
  • Store in clean, dry, dust-free environment and out of direct sunlight.
  • Storage temperature maximum of 95°F (35°C)
  • Always roll film face out,R>3inch
  • Substrate surface treatment process